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Business CreditSecure® from American Express
Now you can manage both your business and personal credit at the same time. Business CreditSecure®, available exclusively to American Express Cardmembers, provides access to your business credit report and your personal 3-bureau credit reports and PLUS Scores1. This comprehensive access can help you maximize control of your credit and gain valuable insight about your company’s credit performance.

We are currently not accepting new enrollments in Business CreditSecure®. If you have any questions please contact us at 1-866-617-1889.

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Your Business Credit
With Business CreditSecure®, you will receive comprehensive, easy-to-read credit information about your business, including:
  • Daily access to your business credit report with Experian® Business Credit Ranking Score2.
  • Activity for all new and historical trade lines
  • Extensive banking, trade and collection data
  • Summary of total extended credit, days beyond terms, and credit risks
  • Daily business credit monitoring with e-mail alerts when certain changes occur
  • Toll-free access to fraud resolution and business credit specialists
With these powerful resources on your side, you’ll have the information you need to make the most informed credit and payment decisions for your business.

Your Personal Credit
With Business CreditSecure®, you will also receive your personal credit information and valuable identity theft resources. These benefits include:
  • Access to three-bureau credit reports and PLUS Scores1 twice every 30 days3.
  • Daily credit monitoring, with e-mail alerts when key changes are detected
  • Toll-free access to fraud resolution and credit specialists
  • Lost wallet assistance4
  • Practical financial tools and articles

Your Competitors, Suppliers and Other Businesses
Once enrolled in Business CreditSecure®, you can upgrade to Business CreditSecure® Deluxe which gives you access to credit information and monitoring for three additional businesses. With this upgrade, you will have exclusive access to our database of over 18 million small businesses, which means you can monitor the credit performance of your suppliers, customers, or even competitors!

1. The PLUS Score® is a number that is designed to represent your overall credit risk. You should receive three PLUS Scores. Each PLUS Score is a credit score calculated based on information in the individual credit report provided by one of the 3 Major Bureaus. While PLUS Scores may approximate credit scores used by lenders, PLUS Scores are not used by lenders and your PLUS Scores may not match credit scores actually used by lenders. Thus, you should not rely only on PLUS Scores to understand how lenders will view your creditworthiness. Lenders use several different credit scoring models.
2. Business Credit Ranking Scores summarize your subscribed businesses' credit risk, each time you request business credit reports. The Business Credit Ranking Score is completely separate from your personal PLUS Score®. You should not rely only on Business Credit Ranking Scores to determine the creditworthiness of your subscribed business, as creditors may use different credit ranking methods. The information in your subscribed business's credit reports is subject to change as available credit information changes. Therefore, Business Credit Ranking Scores may differ each time they are calculated.
3. In order to provide you with benefits, Business CreditSecure® relies on information provided by the 3 Major Bureaus. There may be times where it cannot obtain information from one or more of the bureaus. In these cases you may be unable to receive credit reports, monitoring and/or PLUS Scores. If we learn you are not receiving your benefits, steps will be taken to address these issues including billing suspension and/or cancellation of the service. See Terms and Conditions for more details.
4. A Business CreditSecure® representative will call your card issuer with you on the phone line to help cancel and replace lost or stolen cards. This service requires that you remain on the phone for these calls. There may be times where an issuer will not permit us to remain on the line and you will have to complete the process without us. While Business CreditSecure® cannot provide the same cancellation and replacement assistance for licenses or passports, a Business CreditSecure® representative can provide you with direction on where to seek such cancellation and replacement.